The image library is divided into different categories. Some of these contain images from the previous Triland site, but the main categories currently in use are Banners, Thumbnails, Expert Guides and Quarterly Reports. 


When adding an image to the library it must be cropped to the right size. For thumbnail images and Quarterly Report covers this is 380 (h) x 214 (v) pixels. The Expert Guides have a slightly different sizing, and these images are always sourced directly from the designer in the correct dimensions. 


The naming protocol is to separate words with underscores. For example "LME_ring.jpg".

Banner Images

Banners are part of the fabric of each page and are treated differently. The sizing is 1600 (h) x 214 (v) pixels and the naming protocol is very precise as only one banner can work on any one page. This always follows the format of "banner_page_name_b.jpg" For example the About Us banner has to be called "banner_about_us_b.jpg". To add a banner image to the library, the previous banner image for that page has to be deleted. 

Using Images in the Site

Images can be set as thumbnails for individual pages (on the page summary section); they can be added as features using the 'Image' feature, or they can simply be added to any WYSIWYG editing area by clicking the picture icon. Simply navigate though the image library menu to find the image that you want and select it. However, banner images must only ever be used as page banners.