Metal-related companies from all parts of the value chain

Our customers range from miners and smelters to manufacturers and recyclers, as well as merchants. We also serve the fund community and we understand their very different approach to the market as, if metal users seek to minimise volatility in order to protect their margins, funds rather look for volatility to maximise their returns.  

Our role is to understand the specific needs of each customer as, depending on their position in the value chain, their priorities will be very different. Some will be typically long LME-like manufacturers who buy primary material, while others will be typically short-like merchants who hold material. Some will prefer to have prices moving in a range while others like funds like to see prices moving in trends.  


  • A strong understanding of the physical market, built through our 200+ industrial customers.
  • We also serve the fund community and asset managers.
  • A highly experienced sales team.
  • Timely and transparent order execution.
  • Competitive market making abilities across all the markets we cover.